Something Different

This post is completely different to everything I’ve posted before. The idea of taking a gap year has always interested me, however, being halfway through my course at University is probably the wrong time to be seriously considering it. To me, a gap year has a certain appeal, a draw, shall we say, that is difficult to put into words. Albeit, many others have undertaken a gap year for similar reasons- to travel and explore, to enrich their life with experiences that would otherwise be missed if following the expected path of life (school, job, family, retire). When put simply like such, life suddenly sounds routine. Despite the ever increasing number of people straying from the path, doing so is still sometimes still looked down upon. A response usually consists of a statement such as “However do you expect to get a mortgage?”, followed by a “Good Luck” and then, often by those who’ve reached the retirement section of life’s path, accompanied by a wistful story of how they missed out on travelling or places they wished they’d visited whilst they had the chance.

Madeira nights.

For me, the gap year will have to wait until after University, purely for the reason of having something to show for the debt. But that brings about the question- ‘Is it really a gap year if there’s no need for it to end?’.

So in the meantime, I’ll be reading others’ blogs to gain ideas for places to go and things to do. I’ll also be posting my musings from research. Feel free to comment any of your own experiences as I’d love to hear them!


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