London: Day 1

When a place like London is practically on your doorstep, you often forget the beauty of it as you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. That’s why every so often, taking a step back from life and spending a day as a tourist can help you re-discover appreciation (for the city) and uncover hidden gems. There’s always a new restaurant to try, streets to explore and landmarks to admire.

Day 1 was spent completing a ‘museum crawl’. I say crawl, but only 2 museums were included. Even doing 2 museums in one day was too much as there was not enough time to fully explore or learn all there was to learn. The first picture is from the Victoria and Albert Museum and the last 3 are all from the Science Museum.

The Victoria and Albert Musuem was originally to be named the Albert Museum, however was renamed to the V & A by Queen Victoria after the Duke of Devonshire changed her mind. Building the museum took about 50 years (finished in 1909) which is clear when you see the intricate architecture; the museum is, in itself, a work of art.

V & A

For me, the most exciting part about the Science Museum is their Tim Peake exhibit. Tim Peake spent 6 months on the ISS doing research, he ran the London Marathon on a treadmill and done video links with schools to answer school kids questions about space (which was really exciting for people of all ages as getting to talk to an actual person in space is a once in a lifetime opportunity). I’ve included a picture of the Soyuz TMA-19M, which he made his return to Earth in, where you can see scorch marks from the re-entry to the atmosphere. Coolest thing to see…ever!!



Tim Peake’s spacecraft
Moon Landing

Have any of you been to either of these museums and, if so, let me know your favourite exhibit!!!


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