Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary

A Ferrari ‘parade’ through Essex was highly suprising for those that don’t listen to the radio or keep up-to-date in the world of Ferrari. This year is Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary (1947-2017) and there are many events and activities going on to mark the occasion, as I found out yesterday when well over 100 Ferrari cars of all kinds drove past. There were 458s, 488s, a superamerica, F430s, 360s and so on…. Every so often, some were labelled “Safety Car” and trailling behind the lot were 3 Maserati cars which were there for “technical issues”.

It was a spectacular sight to see and any car lover would appreciate and grin at the low rumbles and revs of such a quality piece of machinery.

Red ferrari editFerrari edityellow ferrari edit

Have any of you been to a Ferrari 70th anniversary event or know of any coming up?

Let me know!


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3 thoughts on “Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary

  1. I love the red ones, red is my favourite colour 🙂
    One weekend last month I saw a dozen or so Ferraris going up the main road past the end of my avenue, they were heading out into the countryside about a mile away. Eleven miles from me is a large fortified manor house which very often holds classic car rallies in the grounds so they may have been going there as they were heading in that direction. They certainly turned a few heads as they went past!

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    • I bet they did! Not only is a huge line of Ferraris rare, the sound they make is unbelievable! Were there people lining the road to get a pic? That manor sounds like a great place to visit on a classic car day


      • It wasn’t a parade so there was nobody lining the road to watch, it was just a line of Ferraris going from somewhere to somewhere else, although a few locals did stop and look as they went past. I only saw them as I was on my way back from taking the dogs out, otherwise I would have missed them.

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